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Plummer Block Pillow Block Cube Mould Box Motor Rails Anvil Swage Block Hinged Cover Earthing Plate Pig Grates Hand Pumps Centrifugal Pumps
Plummer Blocks Pillow Blocks Cube Mould Boxes Motor Rails Anvils Swage Blocks Hinged Covers Earthing Plates Pig Grates Hand Pumps Centrifugal Pumps


• Black Bitumen and Epoxy Paint Coating (Rust Proof Paints) to prevent corrosion.
• Deep Product Knowledge and Innovative Molding Techniques.
• Use of software to achieve consistency of grades of grey iron in cupola furnace and to enter data vis-a-vis green sand parameters which allows the foundry to bring about process consistency which leads to better surface finish and relevant castings defects being analyzed.
• Stringent Quality Control Committed to Customer Satisfaction.


• Divided Blast Cupola Furnace.
• Sand Muller Machine, Sand Seiver / Screener.
• Sand Rammer, Moisture Teller and Mould Hardness Tester.
• Microprocessor based Carbon Silicon Analyzer cum Dip Pyrometer Machine.
• Shot Blasting Machine.
• Well equipped Machine Shop.
• Load Testing Machine.
• Coating/Painting Shop.

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