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Plummer Blocks Pillow Blocks Cube Mould Boxes Motor Rails Anvils Swage Blocks Hinged Covers Earthing Plates Pig Grates Hand Pumps Centrifugal Pumps

Quality is the Key word at MATRIX IRON FOUNDRY, Since its establishment in 2002. Over the years MIF has blended the foundry practice with advanced technology involving its human resources and today it has an integrated approach on total quality management. Matrix Iron Foundry desires to meet customer requirements and achieve customer satisfaction through improved quality products, timely delivery and continual improvement of the quality management system.

Surface Finish Quality

This is the surface finish comparator from American Foundry Society.
Finish Comparator shows surface finishes from 20 to 900 Root Mean Square (RMS).

Casting Process.Surface Smoothness in RMS.
1. No Bake (Resin) Sand.150 - 600
2. Green Sand Casting.250 - 900

1. Resin Sand, No-Bake Sand, Cast Iron Castings.
Comparatively good for large iron castings, but not suitable for producing small iron castings because of high production cost.

2. Manual Green Sand, Cast Iron Castings.
Traditional casting process, the surface quality is difficult to control. Sometimes, good, sometimes, very poor.

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